NY Mayors and Police call on State Senate to Pass Microstamping Legislation

100 New York Mayors joined 83 Police Departments and Law Enforcement Organizations to call on the NY State Senate to pass S.6005/A.6468 -- a law that would help the police track down violent criminals.

Microstamping technology stamps a tiny, unique code on the ammunition when a handgun is fired. This code, which appears on the shell casings left behind at a crime scene, can give police the evidence they need to track down the gun and the criminal who pulled the trigger. Learn more.

Tell Albany: Give Police the Tools They Need to Catch Criminals

Contact New York Senators today and ask them to support microstamping legislation.

I stand with 100 mayors and 83 police departments and law enforcement organizations from across New York State in calling on the State Senate to pass new handgun microstamping legislation.

Microstamping technology is a critical tool in the fight against gun crime. It stamps a tiny unique code on ammunition that's fired from a handgun. Criminals often leave shell casings behind at crime scenes, and microstamping helps law enforcement officers use that evidence to track down the gun and the criminal who pulled the trigger.